Discover the Diversity of Kreuzberg

Kreuzberg is known far beyond the city’s limits and is no longer associated with squatters or May riots – Berlin’s colourful multicultural corner has over the past few years become a trendy district with classy restaurants and cocktail bars, while still maintaining its alternative flair.

The fact that people from different cultures live here together side by side gives this district its special character. Tolerance is practised here. Kreuzberg has lots of culture to offer: it’s abound with small cinemas, theatres and museums and is host to a number of annual events like the carnival of cultures.

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  • Fläche 10,38 km2

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In Kreuzberg. you will mostly come across refurbished older houses. Although increasingly rarer, you may still find some of the less picturesque purpose-built blocks from the 60s and 70s. Behind the beautiful façades are often beautifully-tended back courtyards.


In Kreuzberg, community life is important. Whether its Bergmann, York or Oranienstraße, this is where life pulses. The streets are connected by a dense U-bahn network. A variety of affordable cafés, restaurants and different kinds of shops make this district so exciting and diversified. Various parks, nice places and the Landwehrkanal invite you to stop and stay awhile.


The place where it all began

It’s like a story straight out of a movie: a young man leaves his home behind him to try his luck in the big city. And for Julian things did go very nicely: first, he found a super job; then, after several attempts, a super apartment in his favourite district Kreuzberg; and finally, to top it all, a girlfriend! Sounds like a story straight out of a movie. Only it isn’t...

From town-life to city-life: how a newcomer became a Berliner.

Julian has lived in Berlin for four-and-a-half years now. Before he moved to Kreuzberg he lived in Schöneberg and Neukölln. For him Kreuzberg is not just geographically-speaking in the middle: there are nice quiet places just as there are places buzzing with life.

Julian didn’t only come to Berlin because his family and friends live in the capital; he also came because of the career prospects. Being a web designer, he quickly found a job. And privately things also didn’t go too badly for him either – shortly after moving to Berlin he met his girlfriend.

One of the things he likes most about Kreuzberg is its cultural offerings. And the neighbourhood he lives in – he is quick to contradict all the clichés surrounding Berlin: “Some people say that people in Berlin are unfriendly and that neighbours like to keep themselves to themselves. But that’s just not true.”


65.47 sqm
2 Rooms
737 €

Hedemannstr. 10
10969 Berlin Kreuzberg (Kreuzberg) Show on map

36 sqm
1 Room
378 €

Hedemannstr. 27
10963 Berlin Kreuzberg (Kreuzberg) Show on map

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