A different Berlin: Spandau

When you head out of the city centre on your way to Spandau you can’t help but feel you are leaving Berlin and experiencing an entirely different city atmosphere and another way of living. The many preserved buildings, like the 16th century Spandau Citadel or the endearing historic district around Spandau Town Hall with its restored half-timber houses and St. Nicolas’ Church add to this effect.

During the past few years, more and more people have decided to move to Berlin. The ensuing search for affordable high-quality apartments has put a greater focus on the districts around the central part of the city. As is the case with Spandau. And because so many people have decided to move to this endearing district it has become even more attractive for others.

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  • Fläche 8,029 km2

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In Spandau, the atmosphere is entirely different to what life normally feels like in the core of the city: it’s quieter. But whether you decide to live in an older house or a new build, one thing you will notice very soon is the sense of community.


Spandau is connected to the InterCity network through the district’s railway station. Getting there by U or S-bahn from the inner city can take as long as 45 minutes. Spandau is the second largest district in Berlin. It is characterised by its leafy woodlands and waterways that are popular travel destinations and used as recreational areas. To the south of Heerstraße there are the rural areas of Gatow and Kladow with their old farmhouses and farm estates. The nicest way to get there is by ferry across Wannsee.


Everything but an outlying district

Konstantinos and Barbara live in Spandau. They have been married for 44 years, have two daughters and love living in this part of the city. Both have experience living in Berlin and have lived in a number of other districts – but what they like most about Spandau is the peace and quiet, and that they can get everywhere quickly. And Konstantinos’s home country Greece is never far away. Thanks to their apartment and a dash of humour...

How a German-Greek married couple found their little niche.

The fact that Konstantinos and Barbara now live in Berlin can be put down to Cupid’s arrow. When Konstantinos came to Germany in 1965, he only wanted to stay for three years. Then he met Barbara.

Their marriage has lasted 44 years – as long as their love of the German capital. First, they lived in Wilmersdorf with their twin daughters, and then they moved to Spandau. Both are firmly committed to their part of the city and enjoy the benefits which their district has to offer. 

And on the days when Konstantinos yearns to be back in his home country, his humour comes in very handy. They chose to move into their apartment in Spandau, he says with a wide grin, because it is on one of the top floors: “On a clear day you can almost see as far as Greece.”


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