Perfectly placed: Treptow

This district is best-known for Treptow Park, a large park situated directly next to the river Spree. Not only is Treptow close to the city’s centre, it is also close to nature. Treptow has become especially popular among younger people as a place to live because of its proximity to the inner city.

Lots of space, lots of green, well-connected to the rest of the city – yet still very human and not one bit aloof: the ideal combination for all those who prefer the quiet life but still wish to live centrally. Families, young business people and older generations alike live and let live here.

  • Einwohner 11.934
  • Fläche 2,31 km2

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Treptow has modest family homes from the GDR era, red-brick houses, but also modest flat-roofed buildings. Discover the neighbourhood that balances city life and nature.


Treptow is especially appealing because of its location: it is well-connected which allows the residents to quickly reach the inner city. The district’s close proximity to the neighbouring Plänter forest means that it provides both recreational and entertainment activities. Here it is possible to experience nature in an inner-city environment. During the past few years, the area around Treptow has developed into an interesting location for a number of companies. Treptower Park Center offers a variety of shopping amenities.


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