“Sustainability” is the central theme of our time. This means acting in both in an environmentally-friendly and socially responsible way with a view to future generations thereby ensuring the survival of our company in future.

This is the guiding principle for our society and for all the people who put a face to our company. Our work is targeted towards harmonising economic success with social equality and ecological compatibility – each and every day!


Good Deeds Day

Social engagement is something which is close to our hearts. The closeness to people – our tenants – is the most important building block for our success. That’s why, since 2011, we have used “Good Deeds Day” to campaign for a better and more responsible interaction with each other.


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Awareness of Our Environment

We act with the environment in mind: to meet our target of managing our property stock in an ecologically sustainable way we pay close attention to all environmental aspects during the provision of heat and water and waste sorting facilities, while at the same time keeping a firm eye on the social compatibility for all our tenants.


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