ADO Continues Support for the “Outlaw” Crèche

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ADO Properties Continues Support for the “Outlaw” Crèche in Berlin-Reinickendorf by Extending Lease for Interim Quarter

  • Three-bedroom flat expected to be used as interim quarter for the crèche of 23 children through late February 2017


Berlin, 14 December 2016 – ADO Immobilien Management GmbH, a subsidiary of ADO Properties, has made a three-bedroom flat in Berlin-Reinickendorf available as interim quarter for the 23 children of the “Outlaw” crèche on Waldshuter Zeile in the same borough. The children have been using the private apartment made available by ADO Immobilien-Management GmbH since early October 2016 when structural alterations and refurbishment works commenced in their group room. With the work on the crèche’s premises taking longer, ADO Properties extended the lease on short notice. The children are expected to keep using the flat as interim quarter through the end of February 2017 under proper supervision.

The other tenants in the building were comprehensively and transparently briefed on the measure, and show great empathy for the crèche children. The latter spend the hours between 08:00 and 15:00 CET every day in the flat, playing together, sharing meals and taking their naps. The Senate approved the application for this pragmatic solution once the necessary approvals in terms of fire prevention / protection and hygiene had been obtained. The crèche covers the refurbishment and rental costs from its own budget.



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