ADO is committed to an attractive residential environment

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ADO is committed to an attractive residential environment and harmonious neighborhood living

Berlin, 28 December 2018 – Once again, ADO Immobilien Management GmbH sponsored advent season activities in Berlin’s boroughs of Charlottenburg and Reinickendorf toward year-end 2018. They were kicked off by the opening of the advent market on Angerburger Allee on 01 December 2018 and the lighting of the Christmas tree that ADO Immobilien Management had sponsored. Next, the start of the Advent season was celebrated together with the tenants on Angerburger Allee.

St. Nicolas’ Day, 06 December 2018, saw the trimming of the Christmas tree at the Rollberge housing estate in Reinickendorf, with eager helpers from the local preschool, the school station and day-care centre plus the local parish and the FACE family centre in attendance. At the end of the day, the children’s efforts were rewarded with a bounty of candy.

This year’s advent activities are part of ADO Immobilien Management’s commitment toward an attractive residential environment and harmonious neighbourhood living. Manuela Modenberg, Head of the Reinickendorf and Spandau branches of ADO Immobilien Management, GmbH, said: “It makes us happy every time to get a positive feedback from our tenants but also from other residents in the area, neighbourhood initiatives and the various local institutions. It shows us that our activities in each housing area actually help to maintain an attractive residential setting and stable neighbourhoods.”

In the course of 2018, for instance, the company supported the FACE family centre on Wilhelmsruher Damm by making new premises available to it and waiving the rent payments for an entire year. Other projects included the participation of ADO Immobilien Management in district clean-ups in Berlin-Staaken, and in block parties in Staaken and Reinickendorf, as well as the overhauling of the amateur football pitch, which was also resurfaced, on the corner of Sandstrasse and Am Blasewitzer Ring in August 2018 and the following months.


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ADO Properties is a company that focuses on the residential real estate sector and owns a property portfolio of around 18,000 units in Berlin. The company operates an entirely integrated, scalable in-house platform that includes a dedicated property administration. In addition to being accountable for the condition of its apartments and buildings, ADO Properties assumes responsibility for the people who live in them, its own employees and the surrounding environment. The portfolio of ADO Properties is concentrated in central locations inside Berlin’s rapid-transit circle line and in attractive districts on the city’s periphery.