ADO Opens New Tenant Liaison Office

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ADO Immobilien Management GmbH Opens New Tenant Liaison Office on Angerburger Allee in Charlottenburg

Berlin, 4 March 2019 – ADO Immobilien Management GmbH, a subsidiary of ADO Properties, is expanding its customers service and to this end opened its first service office at Angerburger Allee 51 in Berlin-Charlottenburg on 01 March 2019.

Invited for the occasion, many residents of the housing estate of roughly 860 units attended the festive opening of the new ADO tenant liaison office with its regular tenant office hours. ADO Properties acquires the well-known residential quarter on the edge of the Grunewald woodlands in April of 2018. Mingling with the residents over coffee and cake, Manuela Modenberg and Markus Nilgen of the ADO property management were delighted to see the new contact point for all tenant issues on Angerburger Allee open for business – with small gifts handed out to the tenants.

“Maintaining a presence on the ground and having direct communications between tenants and landlord are essential for harmonious coexistence in the quarter,” said Manuela Modenberg, team head of ADO’s property management in the boroughs of Spandau/Staaken, Reinickendorf and Charlottenburg/Westend. “The wish for a tenant office with fixed opening hours kept coming up in personal talks with the residents, and so we are quite pleased to have created a place where issues can be addressed quickly and without fuss and where problems in the quarter are solved directly,” said Modenberg.

Fixed Tenant Office Hours Every Tuesday and Thursday and by Appointment

Every Tuesday between 09:00 and 13:00 CET and every Thursday between 13:00 and 17:00 CET, the office is open for tenants of ADO’s housing estate on Angerburger Allee to present any concerns without prior appointment. Appointments can also be scheduled outside these hours.


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About ADO Properties

ADO Properties is a company that focuses on the residential real estate sector and owns a property portfolio of around 18,000 units in Berlin. The company operates an entirely integrated, scalable in-house platform that includes a dedicated property administration. In addition to being accountable for the condition of its apartments and buildings, ADO Properties assumes responsibility for the people who live in them, its own employees and the surrounding environment. The portfolio of ADO Properties is concentrated in central locations inside Berlin’s rapid-transit circle line and in attractive districts on the city’s periphery.