ADO's “Training Excellence” Once Again Commended

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ADO’s “Training Excellence” Once Again Commended by Berlin’ Chamber of Industry and Commerce

  • Cited for special commitment in vocational training
  • Many optional requirements fulfilled on top of mandatory and excellence criteria
  • ADO offers comprehensive vocational training opportunities for estate agents 

Berlin, 20 November 2018 – For the second time, the Berlin-based housing company ADO Immobilien Management GmbH, a subsidiary of ADO Properties, was awarded the “Training Excellence” seal by the Berlin Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK Berlin). The seal is given by IHK Berlin to local companies that have shown long-term commitment specifically in the area of vocational training and that meet certain criteria. Eyal Horn, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at ADO Properties, and Melanie Falke, Department Head Human Resources at ADO Immobilien Management GmbH, received the award from the hands of Stefan Mathews, Division Head for Final Examinations in Vocational Training and Continued Professional Development at IHK Berlin. 

“It is a valuable sign of recognition for us and significant incentive at the same time to be given this seal by the IHK for the second time. Providing sound vocational training to young professionals is a key priority for our company, and it is reflected in the relevant structures and processes. Not least, the IHK seal is an important distinction that makes us stand out in the competition for young talent,” said Eyal Horn, COO of ADO Properties. 

The IHK bestows its “Training Excellence” seal for two-year periods with the option to reaffirm the distinction afterwards within the framework of a recertification, provided the laureate continues to meet the necessary requirements. These were developed by the IHK in collaboration with businesses and industry associations. ADO not only met all of the criteria in the categories “Mandatory” and “Excellence” but also fulfilled a number of optional criteria. 

One of the distinguishing features of a traineeship is that ADO covers all expenses associated with trade school attendance, such as the costs of text books or law texts. Moreover, the company assigns a dedicated mentor in each of the functional departments to address the trainees’ needs. Assuming an adequate scorecard, trainees will be permanently hired by the company upon completion of their vocational training or else will be offered a position as student trainee if they decide to follow up on their vocational training with a degree program in an academic discipline that is relevant for the business lines of the company.  

We strive to expose our trainees to comprehensive hands-on experience as much as possible during their traineeship, which is why we integrate them into our in-house processes from the start. Promoting a pro-active and autonomous work attitude and providing regular feedback to the trainees is part of our approach. ADO’s vocational training program is meant to support our trainees in their personal career objectives and to prepare them optimally for their future professions or a subsequent degree program, as the case may be, explained Melanie Falke, Department Head Human Resources at ADO Immobilien Management GmbH.

At the moment, ADO Immobilien Management GmbH is training 16 adolescents and young adults as estate agents while another three are completing a combined work / study program.


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