Good Deeds Day 2017

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ADO Properties Organises One-Day Event for the Children of the Berlin-Based Arche Charity on “Good Deeds Day”

  • 200 children, 50 parents, 50 staff of the Arche charity, and 40 employees of Ado Properties are spending a day together cooking, doing crafts and preparing for Easter
  • ADO Properties participates in “Good Deeds Day” for seventh time in as many years


Berlin, 11 April 2017: Last Friday, ADO Properties hosted an action day for the children of Berliner Arche, a charity against childhood poverty. It was the seventh time in as many years that the Berlin-based housing company, which maintains a property stock of more than 19,000 residential units, played an active part in organising the event on occasion of the international “Good Deeds Day.”

Roughly 200 children, 50 parents, 50 Arche staff and 40 employees of ADO Properties attended the activities spread throughout the day. The forenoon was spent cooking meals together, and ended with a joint lunch. Next, the children had the opportunity to try their hands at various crafts, painting eggs, creating Easter decorations, or baking Easter cookies in the kitchen. Afterwards, they were off to hunt for treats hidden on the Arche grounds – either having them right away or sharing them with friends. Having already spent a total amount of more than 10,000 euros on the event, ADO Properties handed the Arche team a donation check over 5,000 euros.

Said Rabin Savion, CEO of ADO Properties: “We are delighted that this day met with such a positive response among the boys and girls of Arche and among their parents. ‘Good Deeds Day’ is a great event, and we love to be a part of it every year to show our social commitment to Berlin and her residents. For us, it is an important element of our corporate philosophy.” He went on to say: “I should like to thank Arche and everyone involved for helping to organise and host ‘Good Deeds Day’ to make it a success.”

Said Tim Rauchhaus, Institutional Head of Arche Berlin-Hellersdorf and Regional Head for Berlin: “We at Arche have made it our business to help socially challenged children above all. That is why we provide free food, leisure activities and help with homework in our branches. More than 4,000 children and adolescents across Germany take advantage of our services. But we would hardly be able to cope with the various tasks involved without the support of the general public and by potent partners. So we are very grateful for the commitment shown by ADO Properties.”

The event itself, “Good Deeds Day,” was created by Shari Arison, the owner of Arison Group. The idea is for the employees of a given company to support a cultural, societal or social project not just financially but physically by playing an active role in it. Overall, the 2017 event was the most successful “Good Deeds Day” since the event was initiated in 2007, as roughly 2.5 million volunteers in 93 different countries participated. ADO Properties came aboard in 2011 and has been coming back ever since, committed to the goal of improving relations among people and making them take more responsibility for each other.


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ADO Properties is a company that focuses on the residential real estate sector and owns a property portfolio of around 18,000 units in Berlin. The company operates an entirely integrated, scalable in-house platform that includes a dedicated property administration. In addition to being accountable for the condition of its apartments and buildings, ADO Properties assumes responsibility for the people who live in them, its own employees and the surrounding environment. The portfolio of ADO Properties is concentrated in central locations inside Berlin’s rapid-transit circle line and in attractive districts on the city’s periphery.