Central heating – online monitoring for saving

We keep a check on our central heating systems with online reading and monitoring systems. The transferred data can then be used to draw conclusions about existing optimisation and savings potential, which we utilise to the full to keep the energy costs in check now and in the future.

This also allows us, for example, to keep a check on the length and temperature of night setback and have it readjusted if necessary. Furthermore, we can recognise a breakdown of the central heating system in good time and alert the technicians so that the problem can be remedied.

Water – individual itemized bill for your benefit

Our entire residential and commercial stock is equipped with cold water meters that enable us to charge households or tenants individually based on the amount of water they have actually used (properties with a central warm water supply are also equipped with warm water meters). The installation of meters and the resulting awareness building of our tenants, which led to a significant reduction in water consumption in nearly all properties, benefits you, the tenant, as it reduces your utility bill.



Household waste: separating reduces collection charge


Correct waste separation conserves resources and preserves the environment. But it also saves you cash. How? In Berlin, quite a considerable collection charge is levied for the household waste bin (the so-called gray bin or “Graue Tonne”); the collection charge for the recyclable food and garden waste bin (the “Biotonne”) and the recycling paper and cardboard waste bins is relatively low. All other bins, like the green dot or yellow bins for recyclable plastics (the “Gelbe Tonne”), the orange box (for bulky waste and recyclable scrap and waste) and the glass bins are, for now at least, still free of charge.

Because the majority of household waste is recyclable, the number of gray bins can either be maintained or may even be reduced if household waste is separated properly. This leads to lower collection charges and overall costs, leaving you with more money in your pocket.

In some of our properties there is also in addition to the above bins a refuse chute that guides the domestic waste into the correct bin. The chute allows the collection charge to be distributed according to the number of disposals, which increases the incentive to separate waste. Improved waste separation means fewer little (grey) bins and lower collection charges. And it helps to conserve the environment too.